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Trumpet Fingering Charts

Are you really looking for a trumpet fingering chart?

Aren't you really trying to find out how to play the trumpet properly?

These charts will help you, but only if you learn the true secrets of trumpet playing.

We can help you to get there. Read on.

Trumpet Key Signature Fingering Chart

Trumpet Key Signature Fingering ChartDo you have difficulty remembering to play the flats or sharps in a key signature?

Can you remember which notes are which on the leger lines? Most people have trouble recognising the notes on leger lines, particularly if there are more than three lines.

So we invented our unique, key signature Trumpet fingering chart. It makes it easy for you to play the correct note. What's more, you do not even have to try to remember the names of the notes. The chart shows you the correct basic fingering to get it right quickly and simply. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

When we say unique, by the way, we mean it. There is nothing else like it worldwide!

We also have:

Dr Downing's Professional Trumpet Fingering Chart

The fingerings the professionals use.

Surely, if a trumpet fingering is good enough for a pro then it MUST be good enough for you? No matter how inexperienced you are?

Trumpet Fingering chart - all chromatic tones to altissimo C - sharp and flat.This trumpet fingering chart is unique. With full colour pictures of valves and the little finger hook, it covers all chromatic notes from bottom F# to the altissimo G above top C.  All notes are shown in both flat and sharp form, with many alternative fingerings. 

Click on the picture to see a bigger image.

It folds vertically so that it easily fits your pocket or instrument case. 

Unfolded, you can read it easily on your music stand and it will not fall over like less well designed trumpet or cornet fingering charts - or floppy freebies downloade from the web.

After all you only get what you pay for don't you? If it cost's nothing...........

Dr Downing's trumpet fingering charts are laminated for strength and wipe clean.

With our Professional Trumpet Fingering Charts, you will soon master the intricacies of fingering.

But the best trumpet fingering charts in the world are useless if your trumpet technique is faulty.

A poor trumpet embouchure will mean that you will never be able to control the trumpet properly.

To get the best from these trumpet fingering charts, click the book.

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