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Treble Clef is Easy!

Do you play only bass clef trombone or tuba?

Want to learn treble clef?

Here's the answer to your prayer....

Treble clef is easy!Learning trombone treble clef is truly easy. Learn the natural way by playing and listening to what you play. Just the way you learnt to read a book as a child by listening and then seeing.

Sandra Downing's method is simplicity itself. Play familiar tunes in bass clef and then, when you have learnt them well, turn over to see and play them in treble clef.

There is no mystery to learning the treble clef. If you can read one clef, you can read another. The secret is practise - but like anything in life, if you find it boring you give up. As a scientist, Sandra's brilliantly analytical mind always gets to the root of any problem - and boredom and formality are major problems in learning music.

Sandra's students will testify that her lessons are never dull and boring. Parents are amazed at the laughter coming from the music room - and even more amazed at the rapid progress.

In Treble Clef is Easy, Sandra takes you through beautiful melodies which are not only fun to play, they are great to listen to. If you do as Sandra says, you will be playing bass clef immediately and naturally. In only a week or so you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Treble Clef Is Easy is never boring or dull. Check the extracts below:


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Treble Clef


Treble clef shenandoah

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Bass Clef


bass clef shenandoah

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Treble clef is easy!

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