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Tenor Slide Charts by Professionals

Here is the answer - a slide chart that has ALL the clefs!

Bass Clef, Treble Clef, Alto and Tenor Clef - read on....

Tenor Trombone Slide chart

Straight Bb Tenor

This unique, fully chromatic trombone slide chart makes it easy for you to play any note - no matter what the clef.

Click on the picture to see it larger.

Are you a brass bandsman reading treble clef but need to read bass clef?

Do you need to read tenor clef and get confused?

Perhaps you are an orchestral trombone player and often have parts switching in and out of Bass and Tenor clefs - here is a perfect companion for you too.

Many older orchestral works are written entirely in Alto Clef, so it's also included - easy!

Our Trombone Slide Charts are ideal for sight reading practice.

No note names to get in the way - just the notes as you see them in the music.

All of our Trombone Slide Charts are plastic laminated for strength - wipe clean - and a compact handy size to fit in your trombone case or pocket.

Unfolded, you can read it easily on your music stand and it will not fall over. It will last you for years - or until you no longer need it!


Bflat F Trombone Slide ChartTenor/Bass or Bb Trigger Slide Chart.

This chromatic Trombone chart follows in our long established tradition of showing all four clefs found in tenor trombone parts.

The F trigger not only changes the normal Bb key to the key of F, it adds an extra octave to the normal straight trombone bottom note of E.

Just like our straight Bb Slide Chart, the Tenor/Bass Chart has Bass clef, Tenor clef, Alto clef and Treble clef as used in British Brass Band music.


Bass Trombone Slide ChartAdrian "Benny" Morris's Chromatic Bass slide chart.

Designed for Bb-F-D tuning. Bright, colourful and easily read.

Don't struggle with incomprehensible "free" web charts which become crumpled and unreadable after only a few days.

All of our charts are printed on top quality card and laminated.

Spill your drink on it - easy - wipe clean.

Benny's Chromatic Bass Trombone Slide Chart covers all notes from pedal B flat to altissimo C.

Key Signature Slide Charts

Do you get confused with key signatures?

Can't tell which notes are flats or sharps?

Especially on the leger lines?

Our unique Key Signature Trombone Slide Charts show you quickly and easily.


Key Sinature Trombone Slide ChartMany of our students told us that they had difficulty recognising which notes were sharps or flats when playing music - especially if there are lots of leger lines. They said it didn't help to try to work out the note names - it took too long.

So we came up with the Key Signature Slide chart. Click on the picture to get an idea.

Our students love it - so will you.

No note names to get in the way - just the notes as you see them in the music.

You will now be able to see immediately how to play any flat or sharp, no matter how high or how low.

Especialy if there are many sharps or flats in the key signature.

Bflat F Trombone Slide Chart

Click the chart for shop.

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