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Do you teach the violin to children 7 to 11 years?

Would you like a way of teaching the violin that is stress free?

Dancing Bows - Teachers Book - Violin tutor method  by Gloria BakshayeshDancing Bows by Gloria Bakhshayesh, is a tried and tested method for teaching the violin from the age of 7, using open string patterns and tunes in duet form.

Dancing Bows and Ringing Strings, is NOT a mass, regimented "by rote" learning method.

It is tailored to the needs of the individual pupil. Ideal for individual or small group tuition.

Whether peripatetic or in private practice, with Dancing Bows you give children from 7 to 11 years old, a fully structured musical education.

Dancing Bows incorporates Kodály principles of rhythm, ear training and inner hearing into the childrens' lessons.

Above all, your pupils will learn to be relaxed and stress free.

Without careful training from a young age in listening, violinists will always be lacking that essential ability to play their violin in tune.

With Dancing Bows your violin students not only learn to "hear" what they are playing, but do so without the stresses and strains commonly associated with playing the violin.

Your pupils learn to love music and the violin. They grow up together, so to speak.

Click here for a sample lesson.

Dancing Bows Pupils Book by Glora BakshayeshDancing Bows Pupil's Book is a violin practise book for your pupils and must be used in conjunction with the Dancing Bows Violin Teachers book.

It is not a self-tutor, but an essential part of the Dancing Bows violin course.

With full colour illustrations the carefully graded, tuneful practice material, takes your pupils from the earliest stages of learning to love the violin, to playing music with freedom and joy.

You will teach your pupils to understand how their bodies work, how to avoid tensions by setting them a carefully graduated series of exercises.

In the Dancing Bows practise book, your violin pupils will be encouraged to compose music and also to use their imagination to draw picture of the tunes.

The emphasis is on genuine enjoyment.

As much of the music used is selected from folk tunes, the tunes you play with your pupils on their violins can also be played by your more advanced pupils.

This encourages all your pupils to play together and to help each other.

Dancing Bows helps the pupils to find for themselves, in an enjoyable way, the fundamental balances for the right arm.

As the violin bow becomes an extension of their body, it moves as a follow-through to the rhythmic gestures of their right arm.

This makes a free and unrestricted use of the violin bow possible and forms the core of all future violin bowing technique, preventing the grating violin bow sound often associated with beginners.

If the right arm is really co-ordinated in its movements, the introduction of their left hand will also be much easier.

Thus the foundations are being laid for the violin pupil's future tone production in the very earliest stages of learning.

Here are a couple of sample pages. Click on images for full size view.

Old MacDolnald - Sample page rom Dancing Bows Pupils book

Sample Page - lesson 7 - ftom Dancing Bows pupils book

Ringing Strings follows on from here.

Dancing Bows - Teachers Book - Violin tutor method  by Gloria BakshayeshClick book for shopping cart

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