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How to play the Trumpet and Cornet

Do you have embouchure problems?

Can you play the trumpet smoothly?

Do you have tonguing difficulties?

Bram Wiggins shows you how to play the trumpet properly.

A good trumpet embouchure is essential. Bram shows you how from the start. 

Trumpet and Cornet Technique Doctor


Bram's Cornet & Trumpet Technique Doctor sets you right.


Problems covered are:

1.  I can't get a clear sound.  My notes sound 'woolly'.

2.  Why are the first and third valve slides mobile?

3.  I can't play slurred passages smoothly. (Click on picture)

I can't play slurred passages smoothly

4.  I can't get the higher notes.

5.  I'm not sure that I am pitching the notes correctly.  Am I tone deaf?

6.  I can't get the low notes.

7.  I slow music down to get the notes right, but when I speed it up it still sounds wrong.  What am I doing wrong?

8.  When I try to play softly, the note just disappears into a hiss before it is quiet enough.  Why?

9.  My loudest notes sound harsh and very brassy.  What am I doing wrong?

Trumpet and Cornet Technique Doctor

The Cornet and Trumpet Technique Doctor is written in a no nonsense style.

Because it is small enough to slip easily into your pocket, you need one now.

Click the book to buy it.


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