Partners are:  Dr Sandra Downing and Peter Moore  

Dr Downing Music Head Office

66 Eastleigh Road, Heald Green, 

Stockport, Cheshire,

England SK8 3EJ

Tel +(44) (0)161 437 5607
VAT No: GB 661 2889 14

Dr Downing Music is a completely independent publishing business. We have no connection with, or affiliation to any other of the marketing or "drop-shipping" organisations which proliferate on the internet.

Everthing that you see on our web-sites is original and produced by our company on our own premises, apart from a few products which are "bought in", namely Clarinet and Saxophone reeds.

Every book and chart and all music arrangements, are the product of our authors, or our own skills and are printed and produced in-house.

When you contact us, either by telephone or email, you will be answered by either Sandra Downing or Peter Moore, the sole proprietors. If we are not immediately available and you leave a message, it will be answered by one of us personally, as quickly as we can.

We started our business in August 1995 with the sole aim of providing books, charts and music to help amateur musicians to get the best out of their music making.

From the initial book, the Bassoonist's Reed Doctor, we have steadily added new products until today, we have well over 100 books, charts and sheet music products in our catalogue.

Our policy and aim is to give you a 100% honest and reliable service. If you have any difficulties or are dissatisfied with any of our products or service, please email or telephone.  We guarantee you personal service by one of the partners.


We have two different website addresses.

If you are visiting us for the first time, then Music-Made-To-Measure is our "browsing" website, while Dr Downing Music is the shopping cart.

Take your time to look around and examine our products with no pressure and no distracting advertisements.


Sole Distributor for Australia and New Zealand:

Tempest Music

56 Ley Street, COMO

Western Australia


Telephone: 08 9450 3539

Fax: 08 9450 3926



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